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People forget the advantages of these smaller tools and what job applications they are designed for. I've got the Bosch 12V hammer drill and unless I need to put a great big hole in something in which case I'd grab my corded SDS , it's my go-to for anything around the house.

Benefit of some of these Must be one of the 3 tools actually available at trade counter direct. I just clicked on 5 hikoki power tools in a row and every single one not available. Good site! Impact driver is great, drill chuck loosens by itself when used in reverse mode. Impact driver only works with bit holder as it isn't magnetic. Driver bits fall out. Lots of reviews mention same thing. Much better overall.

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The Ryobi impact wrench is second only to the Milwaukee M18 impact wrench which is the same manufacturer. All independent car shops I've been to have Milwaukee gear and American YouTube channels swear by it instead of pneumatics now for the ease and portability the Milwaukee can easily do tractor wheel nuts etc but it is 2x to 3x the price of the Ryobi. Not that I noticed.

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There's a 'supplied with' page which suggests it should come with a bit and more importantly a socket adaptor. I'll probably not go to the trouble of returning mine but not sure this was that much of a deal in hindsight. I didn't know I needed one of these. I have a 40 year old air impact driver which does the job but static. I'm looking at the Nm but the reviews are a bit sketchy. This looks usefull but I would want enough oumph to undo tractor wheelnuts etc and to be used as an impact screwdriver,.

My pleasure. It might be worth going via Quidco too, I got an extra 7. Good luck. I reckon these drills will be pretty much the same for most jobs. It's not always about specs. I have a vanhaus stick vacuum cleaner. To look at you think it's a child's toy. It has a w motor but it has an insane suction on carpets to the point you can't move it.

Much better suction than any Dyson I have ever used. Just a shame it picks that much fine dust up its a pain to clean out after every vacuum. But that can't be such a bad thing. Complete noob at this, what drill bits do you recommend? And also what do I need for the impact driver to screw in things? Fantastic items, brought off Batteries last for months once charged. Bought one of these sets from Amazon a while back - used the impact driver to drive big tent pegs into and out of the ground.

Also used both to fit CCTV around my mates garage - light to handle when up a ladder and hold a decent charge - same charge for camping trip and CCTV fitting a few weeks later. As others have said not for trade but OK for general household stuff, and the pack is small enough to store and keep in the car boot if thats your thing. Also have a few bare units that would fits these battery's Jigsaw ,Angle grinder ,SDS Drill ,Multitool Etc Like to know about battery compatibility with othere brands if anyone could enlighten me. I've just looked in my most recent CPC flyer and the same deal is in it, and price is valid until 11th October however order code is TL rather than TL, so if the price from the link changes, try searching their website with the longer code.

Its the better impact driver. The new ones with speed control have problems with the switch. Don't take my word for it, read some reviews. Should be okay for a combi drill. I think it is a generic set of bits which has just been bundled as part of the listing.

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Wouldn't expect the quality of them to be very good but they could surprise. Be aware, not many of the bits in that set will fit the driver as they look to be round shaft and the driver takes hex bits. I'll edit the description. I got no sleep because I just couldn't sleep. Therefore I am not exactly functioning so well. Added this so someone can get a good deal. The title did state Impact Driver even if the description mistakenly had drill instead of Impact Driver.

BOSCH Impact Driver 1800C (FULL REVIEW) Here is your first look at the Bosch 1800C Impact Driver!

It's also worth mentioning that this is a brushless driver, as opposed to the less expensive DTD All depends if you want a battery with slightly more capacity but I don't think it's worth that much more than this deal. Just picked mine up at Andover Homebase - cracking bit of kit for the money y.

Is this not a better deal? Been clearing these out since Feb. Think the current models are or nm. Picked one up in the Chesterfield Rd, Sheffield store this morning. They had one left. Don't forget to register it on the Makita website for the extended 3 year warranty! I had reserved for tomorow collection but no longer able to collect so just cancelled this reservation.

So they should be put back On the Shelf Online it shows no stock in this store but they do have them. This is scorchio, way better than the other Homebase deals on drills. If you can find stock of course. Yeah it seems really good. Easily drives decking screws in to wood very quickly, which is what I bought it for.

Also battery seems to last a fair while, not run one down yet. As for torque, it doesn't seem at all underpowered. So how did it turn out, any good? Does the box or manual actually say 90nm as that seems a bit low for a 18v as the lidl Parkside 18v ones are rated at nm.

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I was a bit worried I jumped the gun on this, as I have ordered one and then this deal went cold to freezing. I wanted the Lidl parkside one, but couldn't find it in the stores I had looked in.

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Fingers crossed its good enough to drive decking screws in - or it will be going back. Torque of 90Nm isn't enough realistically. My mate had this one and just sits in the shed now. Replaces it with a Nm DeWalt and that pretty much drives everything, whereas the Aldi one struggles with most things. I didn't read it correctly. Just a standard recharagble powered drill I'm after. I've used them for quite a while and rate them, at least compared to most of the "slap our brand name on it" trash thats for sale. Apologies, it's a different set to that mentioned here.

I'd hazard a guess that it's a different set than the one on FFX 33 piece vs 48 piece Happy to be proven wrong however. It's a nice price for the kit, but if you want to work on cars etc.