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That is to say if the seller gives a discount to a customer at the time of the sale, then the net amount paid i. The Department also provides some examples of instances in which a discount is not subject to tax. An important distinction between examples 1 and 2 versus example 4 is the issue of the seller being reimbursed by a manufacturer. In examples 1 and 2, the seller is reimbursed by the manufacturer for the coupon or factory rebate , which causes the reduction attributable to the coupon to remain taxable. In example 4, the seller has issued its own coupon and is not being reimbursed by the manufacturer.

Thus, the lack of a reimbursement by the seller is more akin to a discount, which reduction causes the net price paid to be taxable.

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A lot of times, sellers are given the suggestion to charge tax on everything just to be safe. This is the opposite of being safe. While the seller may not incur a tax liability with the Department, the seller could be exposing himself to a class action lawsuit by customers.

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Sales tax was not charged on the net amount of the discounted item as it should have been. While the average lawsuit can be expensive for a business, a class action can absolutely cripple a business. The class can be in the thousands or tens of thousands of individuals. In conclusion, charging the correct amount of sales tax and not a lesser or higher amount is imperative for businesses. Charge too much sales tax and customers may sue your business. Charge too little sales tax and the Department may hold you liable for the uncollected sales tax.

Part of figuring out the correct amount of sales tax to charge is determining whether a coupon or discount is involved in the transaction. If a coupon is being reimbursed by the manufacturer, then the amount of the coupon is still taxable in the transaction despite the amount paid by the customer still be reduced by the coupon amount.

How to File a Florida Sales Tax Return

If a discount is offered by a seller or a coupon is offered in which the seller is not reimbursed by the manufacturer, then the reduction is not subject to sales tax. His primary practice area is multistate tax controversy.

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  3. Department of Taxation and Finance.

Note that there are some exceptions within these categories. For example, you'll still have to pay taxes on some sports-specific clothing, jewelry, printer paper, smartphones and various other items that technically fall within the above categories.

Sales tax coupon florida

See a full list of exceptions. If the store offers a coupon or discount that brings an item's price below its exemption threshold, it will be tax free. It will be tax free. One important exception however, are manufacturer coupons. These coupons require the store to ask for reimbursement from the manufacturer, so Florida law doesn't see them the same way it sees store coupons.

What qualifies for Florida tax-free weekend?

So, even if a manufacturer coupon would bring the price of an item below its threshold, you'll still have to pay taxes on it. If you live in Florida and make an online purchase within the time window of Florida's sales tax holiday and that purchase order is accepted by the merchant , you won't have to pay taxes, provided that item fits the requirements above.

However, Florida considers delivery costs to be part of the item's cost for online purchases.

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  • Don't let the allure of waived taxes tempt you into buying items you don't need. After all, the dollar amount of waived taxes will be modest for most school supplies and clothing items.

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    However, when it comes to electronics, tax-free weekend can be a great time to shop. So research your options carefully, look at concurrent sales and promo codes , and plan your computer purchase during tax-free weekend. Kristin is a savings and deals expert at BlackFriday.